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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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violation of records preservation law? if you can identify this person, we will tell you where this photo was found. a sports question: is tony romo to the broncos a crazy idea? or a crazy good idea? pencils down, quiz over, next starts right now. if you are a fan of freedom, and you would prefer to stay free, there is something you should know. if you enjoy marijuana and you want to buy a gun, you c both legally in colorado without committing a federal crime in the process. anastasiya bolton, friend of next and part of our 9 wants to know team found a pesky new piece of paper venlt >> how do i make a-- paper. >> how do i make a statement about a form? a piece of paper? i know, i will use the words "marijuana and guns" in the same sentence. >> in so far as marijuana is concerned, it is still a controlled substance federally.
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need to remind you, no matter if you liver in a state that-- live in a state that views marijuana differently. >> a lot of changewise marijuana laws-- changes with marijuana laws across the nation. this provides a opportunity with the changing of the form, it provides a opportunity to insure dealers and purchasers know what federal law is in relation to the topic. >> reporter: it so happens atf was already changing its most transaction record effective this coming january, the timing just worked out with all these states making marijuana legal. the form asks if you are "an unlawful user of marijuana." before you in colorado check no, it reminds you. >> the user possession is unlawful under federal law, whether it is related to recreational or medical use. >> i have always thought the federal government's position on
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always say this. >> to say that somebody can be on a no-fly list and still possess a firearm, but yet if they are taking medical marijuana under their doctor's supervision and under state medical program, they can't own a firearm, i think that just, there is something inherently shocking about that. >> reporter: a debate on that is for another story. this is just a friendly heads up that lying on a federal form is a crime. just fyi. for next, i am anastasiya bolton. >> that anastasiya bolton, always a helper. >> this issue, this form, they are not unique to colorado, 29 states plus district of columbia have medical marijuana, 8 states have recreational adult marijuana use. guns, of course, guns are popular everywhere. all right, where my nerds at? who knows the answer to the question: when was the last time colorado voted for a democrat for president and america chose a republican? shout your answers now!
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there was a former republican state legislator, who asked the question and found an answer via republican strategist and historian dick wattums. the answer: 1908. when colorado chose democrat williams jening brian, you know, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold. america was like cross of gold, sounds fine, lets go with howard taft, 108 years ago. back to real life, president elect trump planning tr ticket to inaugeration, we have the hook up, limiting limited number to coloradans who want to go to dc for the day. i assume, senator gardener, who refused to support trump won't be waving a home made trump/pence sign. requests need to be in by december 1, details in the story on president elect trump is a tweeter, and he is a deleteer, and that raises an interesting question about the presidential
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presidents' records, all, are transferred to national archives at the oendf the term-- end of the term. they didn't have twitter. you can bet that with nearly 16 million followers, president elect trump can't tweet and delete fast enough to escape history. our week-long investigative series on sky rocketing prescription drug costs brought in a lot o wants to know team, kevin von tackles the one tern we heard most. >> reporter: you called and we listened. one thing we heard over and over, seniors caught in a medicare doughnut hole are struggling to pay for prescription drugs, especially this time of year. what is the doughnut hole? that is the point each year when medicare's prescription benefit runs out for a individual, and out of pocket medication costs shoot up. the affordable care act is chipping away at it and by 2020 the doughnut hole should be
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for now, if you are on medicare and already spent more than $3300 on prescription drugs, like the woman cutting her pills in half to save money, here is what you can do for next year. >> what we recommend is that people do some comparison shopping among the plans that are available. because the prices vary from plan to plan. >> reporter: you can do that by shopping on or call 1800-medicare, the deadline is december 7. after that you are stuck on whatever p again next year. for next, i am kevin von. >> there is a catch because drug prices can go up any time. if you are shopping for the least expensive plan, you have the best chance to cushion against price bumps. yoowe got together-- we got together and worked stuff out on friday night, our on going lets just talk conversations brought together a few dozen coloradans to honestly discuss their feelings about the presidential election and the
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>> i have been told i have no right to complain unless i register and vote. so i did so. second reason, it is on my bucket list. >> i hope you have many, many more elections left. >> i am very fearful for what policy and legislation may come down from that and how people will be treated and i am just a human, like everybody else in this room. i just want to be loved and love people in return. views but i totally respect her. >> we are not racist. we are not small minded. we think outside the box a lot of the time. >> i think this entire town hall so far helped me to see that, you know, not everyone is that way. not everyone believes those things and it really does make me hopeful. >> we are not the extremes that seem to be brought out in the media. the extremes on either side,
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democratic side or the republican side. like i said before, we are not all deplorable, not all uneducated. >> we are scared about the future t is a real, legitimate fear about what this guy could be capable of, and it is, i feel like i don't want to put it on you, but as the winning side, it is like, you guys voted hem into office-- him into office. it is up to you to stand against him if he comes down on those who can't defend themselves. >> the only way to bridge the divide is to talk to each other, not yell on facebook. more lets just talk chats, especially if they help you reconnect with someone in your life who has drifted away due to politics, you can e mail us or get our attention with haegs heynext. kanye is not coming to colorado, that meltdown might come 3 songs in when he calls off the show but at least you
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st. pablo tour, including twoefb 28 stop at the pepsi center. the denver post notes kanye canceled his last 4 scheduled shows in colorado. it looks like we won't get a chance to see kanye rant about donald trump and hillary clinton, beyonce, mark zuckerberg, mtv, we get it, election shook up americans but you don't see them calling out sick for the next month. coldy is here every night like a professional, hasn't missed a single show on the hey really high in pursuit of a new view of our state. a lump in a couch turns out to be a piece of someone's family history. the question is who? the local tv news will tell you to paycheck patience but never tell you how to pack your pie for thanksgiving.
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thousands of times each day, we shot we should show a new view, rarely seen, drone photography, here is a new look around denver in sixty seconds. >> first time i flew a drone, it was magical. i have always wanted to be a pilot, when the drones came out, that made me realize it took my childhood dream into realty. really try to capture all
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like you get lost in the sky and it takes you away, you can see the beauty around colorado. we can set up shots with a more wide angle, you can't get that wide, with you know, a regular camera. you to get up high to see from a bird's perspective. >> i really want to show people who live in colorado and peo who want to visit colorado, the structure and what denver, colorado has to offer. >> the freedom that the drone gives us with the camera is amazing. a woman wanted to buy a couch and shift down, instead she finds herself climbing through someone else's family tree. katie roberts bought the couch at arc and found an old photo inside, no information, no name, no date, nothing. no other clues were found with
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see if we might get the photo out there and get the picture of the couch out there. all she wants is to return the picture to that person's family. >> after i purchased it i found the photo in it and i think the photo is really unique and special and i wasn't sure if, you know, the family that maybe it belongs to, or if the person who owned the couch if they wanted that back. i thought it might be special to them. it is a very striking photo, i you know? i don't know why i just felt like it was, you know, a really cool portrait, we put it in a little frame, actually next to the couch. we are kind of sentimental. >> katie lives in denver, she is hoping somebody in the area may know the woman who is in the photo, may recognize that couch, maybe from grandpa's house. if you know, e mail us #heynext.
6:14 pm, separating fact from fiction on romo talk. daniel daniel is like the 9 news app of meteorologist, because she knows the forecast, not an app: the spot in colorado where you can get two errands done at
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it is not really noticeable but i have been growing facial hair this november, me and a ton of men for no-shave november. guys at 9 news are participating raising money for cancer research, last year 9 news raised $18,000, lagging a bit this year, probably my patchy beard. we are raising money in honor or memory of someone close to us who fought cancer or fighting of his jackets out of the closet. he fought colon cancer, he is not with us. he did not lose his battle with cancer, they gave him months and he stuck around for years, he kicked cancer's back side but it cheated. as long as cancer cheats, we will raise money to fight back. if you are willing to kick in $10, it would be appreciated by this guy with his patchy beard. you can piend the link on-- find the link on the next facebook page. if you want to see a real beard, that ryan haarer grew his facial
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steve staeger, not so much. ryan has a real professional looking operation. steve is trying, god bless him. you can see our transition photos on good lord. day 1 to day 15, we will do day 30. the bye week gave bronco fans the chance to speculate about romo coming here to play quarterback next season. spoiler alert, our broncos guy, mike klis, not a fan of the idea. he recorded his thoughts from deep inside a well in are curious about acoustics. >> reporter: crazy idea. i can see where tony romo wants to play for the broncos, they got great defense, they are super bowl champs, they might have a vacancy, he thinks, but not really. the difference between peyton manning, when john elway went after him in 2012, is tony romo, should he become available in 2017, is that elway is happy with this quarterback situation
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i hate to say this, fans, but elway wanted to move on from tebow and manning was a hall of famer. tony romo is really good, but not peyton manning good. that is number one. number two, he would not have drafted paxton lynch in the first round with the idea of having him go on the osweiler program once again. that didn't work out for the broncos, the brock program. they want lynch to get ready as soon as he can. in the has 7 and 2 and over 90 passer rating on 3rd down, that is why he is 7 and 2. the broncos are pleased with the cis they have-- kids they have going up, rather than an aging 37-year-old quarterback next year who has been very fragile. a bit of a diva, if i might say, and hasn't been able to win any big games. a crazy idea, understand from romo's point of view, but i
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hopefully we can find mike klis before this storm system barrels in. it is already starting to hit parts of the western slope, snowfall coming into the mountains and that is where we will see the bulk of the action. we will be talking about snowfall measured in feet. the heaviest arrives overnight into tomorrow morning, blowing and drifting snow could be a problem. if you are headed to grandma's house on i-70, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, just be aware it could be down in the metro area tomorrow morning, the commute could be dicey, i am watching rainfall first and then it switches to snowfall by about 6:00-7:00. yeah, get ready for it. it will be a quick one, though, you can see 10:00 tonight it is going strong in the mountains, we are still quiet in town. then by 4:30 a.m., that rain is sitting over denver along i-76 across the eastern plains and we get a shot of cold air and it switches to snow. by 7:00 the snowfall continues
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here. couple lingering showers along the eastern plains in the mountains, and by tomorrow night all is clear and our temperatures will drop dramatically. we are talking about 8-14 inches across the san juan, 48 inches around the front range mountains and in the metro area, i am leaning, 1-3 inches now, the southwestern suburbs have the best shot at a couple inches. 43 tomorrow afternoon, winds kicking up with this storm t. is a cool day for a lot of folks, a sunshine returns, back to mid 50s sunday. thanksgiving, not too shabby a little windy and, kyle, the 60s are back in no time. >> danielle grant, do not bring the forecast graphic back without the twushging turkey. >> i will work on it. tiz the season for burnt turkeys and family dinners. other shows have a perfect turkey, you know your family is
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dry. best thanksgiving, 5 words or less, a few have taken on the challenge. giblets left inside the turkey. it happens, tina kunging ham. stomach flu, family left me. cat fur in the gravy, tony, keep your cats outof the kitchen. lastly, smoked turkt before it is carved-- turkey before it is carved. they had take-out that year. embrace your fails, get us to us on the facebook page, twitter, eynext, 5 family stories encouraged. may i make a recommendation? we point you to something we didn't do ourselves but we are talking about. how to fly with a pie. helping you with your carry on. apparently you can fly with a pie, according to tsa, pies and cakes are okay in checked baggage, sunds tough, reck-- sounds tough, recommended, tsa officer makes the final decision, don't act all squirrely when holding the baked goods in the line.
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are subject to restrictions, cranberry sauce, gravy, don't mess with it. but the pie should be okay. just let them know what you have. you can read the article on the next facebook page. we found a sign that a certain number of coloradans are
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a sign, stacey spotted it, liquor, haircuts, drive-in service. wait, drive-in haircut? drive-in liquor? seems dangerous, what is wrong with people?
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tonight, kate gosselin on the record after being accused of child abuse. >> i've been investigated many told "e.t." >> i had to stop. >> after a reported rehab stay, selena gomez's emotional confession on live tv. >> i was absolutely broken. >> we count down the biggest show-stopping moments from the american music awards. >> plus -- >> you're not going to believe it. >> james corden breaks karaoke
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>> it's going to be spectacular. >> and one question on everybody's mind. >> everybody can take a deep breath now. >> now, for november 21st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." pop star selena gomez said she was broken inside. her stunning admission on live television is just minutes away. >> after the explosive interview with jon gosselin, his ex, kate, fights back about allegations of one son away. >> jon said he has no idea where colin is. >> where is colin? >> no one knows where he is. >> he claims that you won't tell him where colin is. >> i've known all along where he is. but the world doesn't know. and i'll leave it at that. >> jon said he's going to court to get a judge to force you to divulge kolin's whereabouts. >> i'll call my attorney. >> i've lost track of how many


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